8×8 750 HDI

With the new 8×8 750 HDi, ARGO has given a trusted workhorse the heart of a thoroughbred, creating a benchmark vehicle that is effortless to steer, more powerful, more comfortable, more durable — yet easier to maintain, more efficient, and even more environmentally friendly.

The advanced-technology ADMIRAL transmission has greatly gone beyond the inherent limits of skid steering systems, the 750 HDi pairs an ingenious triple-differential ADMIRAL steering transmission with a 31-hp fuel-injected engine to create something unique: An all-terrain, amphibious off-roader that takes high gear speed turns with ease, while maintaining its low gear on-the-spot maneuverability.

Add to that a redesigned tire that provides greater ride comfort and all-terrain (and amphibious) traction and performance, a host of premium features, and simplified maintenance requirements and you have an UTV that is simply in a different league: 20% less maintenance, 40% more efficient and improved ergonomics

Available in standard and special edition versions, ARGO’s new 750 8×8 HDi series is a quantum leap in all-terrain versatility, comfort, power and ruggedness that needs to be experienced.

Model Information

This 8-wheel drive amphibious off-road vehicle features an OHV V-Twin liquid cooled 747cc, 31 hp Kohler Aegis LH 775 electronic fuel-injected engine. The ARGO 8×8 750 HDi features effective throttle response, excellent fuel economy, reliable cold weather starting and outstanding high-altitude performance.

  • Innovative triple differential ADMIRAL steering transmission provides even torque to all 8 of the big 25″ ARGO tires.
  • Optional high torque transmission for extreme terrain performance.
  • Increased efficiency results in more power to the wheels for optimum performance.
  • 40% quieter muffler
  • Improved engine compartment cooling
  • Large triple sealed bearing
  • Heavy duty axles.
  • Self-adjusting hydraulic vented disk brakes.
  • Functional firewall and floor boards for increased leg room.

Standard Equipment

  • LCD Digital Gauge Cluster (Speedometer, tachometer, odometer, voltmeter, engine coolant temperature, plus low oil pressure and parking brake reminder lights)
  • Premium foam-padded, hinged, front bench seat with easy access to deep storage compartment/ toolbox & battery
  • 25″ ARGO tires for optimum traction, smooth ride and better water performance
  • Full skid plate for lower body protection
  • Convenience Group (12 volt outlet, cup holders, grab handle)
  • Independent emergency, parking brake


  • Contoured dash design and premium padded bench seat
  • Optional suspension seats
  • One-piece ergonomic handlebar steering control
  • Excellent approach and departure angles to easily overcome obstacles
  • Innovative design and space for up to 6 passengers
  • Low emissions which meet both EPA and CARB standards
  • Three-year limited engine warranty
  • Easy access to the engine compartment
  • Load capacity of up to 1150 lbs on land or 1000 lbs on water